Better Alamance | Benefits


  • BA: Ideas provides a new platform for civic engagement, encouraging more people to get involved in their communities.
  • Citizens can submit ideas, provide feedback on their neighbor's priorities, indicate support (or opposition) with a click, and spread the word about good ideas.
  • Better Alamance leverages different types of interest and expertise as strengths. Citizens can choose their participation level within their areas of interest.
  • Better Alamance is dedicated to making civic participation as accessible as possible.
  • BA: Ideas is designed to make sharing these ideas easy and fun, and to promote the best ideas to the top of our civic agendas.

Local policy-makers and institutions

  • Develop a civic “pulse”: what are your constituents’ priorities, and which priorities have the widest support?
  • An emergent civic agenda: Better Alamance provides access to an up-to-date list of priorities and new ideas.
  • Broader opportunities for stakeholder engagement: ongoing interaction leads to more opportunities for dialog.
  • Transparency and trust: All activity on the Better Alamance sites is open and transparent, encouraging positive interaction and discouraging abuse.
  • Diversity as strength: Better Alamance: Ideas provides a free market for ideas, where the best ideas receive the most attention.